Bienen-FIT is a liquid product to regulate digestion in a natural way, support the vitality and promote the plaster reflex of the bees.

[How To Use]
– Each time you open the boxes spray Bienen•FIT over the bees and honeycomb (Spray it on honeycomb with three pumps).
-Spray Bienen•FIT on the flight boards at each visit and before capturing bee swarms: Dilute Bienen•FIT 1:10 with water.  The bees are more smoothly.
-Spray honeycomb and equipment before use with Bienen•FIT, diluted 1:10 with water.

Add 30 ml Bienen•FIT in 5 L sugar water. The constituent bacteria reach the digestive tract.
The beehives are more active and stronger. Parasites and other are better tolerated. The boxes are kept clean by the bees.
When spraying the beehives, the bees are quiet and the liquid is licked off immediately. The bees get better through the winter.

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