High-quality feed supplement based on grain bran, containing Effective Microorganisms®: lactic acid, photosynthesizing, yeast, actinomycetes.


1. Stabilizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
2. Strengthens the body’s immunity;
3. Lowering the stress level;
4. Reduction in the development of pathogenic bacteria;
5. Reducing the use of antibiotics;
6. Reduction of diseases and death;
7. Improves palatability and increases feed digestibility;
8. Allows to reduce feed consumption rates;
9. Increase in body weight gain;
10. Improvement of quality indicators of products;
11. Reduction of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide release;
12. Preparation of high-quality silage.


The drug is used as a feed additive.

Daily rates for 1 head (1g/kg feed):

1. Pigs: 10-50 g;
2. Cattle: 10-150 g;
3. Poultry: 10-20 g;
4. Rabbits and rodents: 5-10 gr.


Store in a closed package, in a place protected from light, avoid direct sunlight, at a temperature from 4° to 25° C. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Local contact: EM UKRAINE Ltd