Effective Microorganisms® , sugarcane molasses, water, alcohol, garlic, vinegar, hot pepper


1. Pre-sowing treatment of seeds of cereals, legumes and technical crops;
2. Increasing the energy of germination and germination;
3. Destruction of insect pests, their larvae and mites on grain, leguminous, vegetable and fruit and berry crops;
4. Stimulation of the immune system of plants to combat fungal and bacterial diseases;
5. Restoration of natural fertility and improvement of soils.


EM-5 is applied by spraying in cloudy weather or in the evening, avoiding direct sunlight. Shake before use. The rate of application of the drug is from 1 to 5 liters per 1 ha per season, depending on the use of technology on agricultural crops.


Store in a sealed package, in a place protected from light, avoid direct sunlight, at a temperature from 4° to 25° C. The warranty period of suitability for use is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Local contact: EM UKRAINE Ltd