EM BIO is an innovative product containing Effective Microorganisms, designed to convert sewage sludge and other municipal waste into a safe organic product. Microorganisms in the blend are physiologically compatible. They form a harmoniously functioning community using the synergy effect, co-existing and working effectively, which facilitates their survival in various environments. A collection of enzymes contributed by specific strains enables their eco-friendly decomposition of organic matter. Effective Mechanisms efficiently extract microelements trapped in minerals, at the same time transforming them into easily assimilated forms.

Use of EM BIO contributes to stabilization of sewage sludge, sand and screenings (solid particles). EM promotes environmentally friendly process of microbiological decomposition of organic substances which is continued also during storage. In Polish climate conditions, this process takes from three to five months. Upon completion of the processing, the sludge is stable – it is not subject to rotting, it emits no foul odours. Screenings stabilized by EM BIO may be easily segregated and the separated biological fraction may be used for environmental purposes.

Hygienisation of sludge and sand is the outcome of introducing the blend of microorganisms which successfully force out pathogenic bacteria. Particular role in the hygienisation process is played by lactic acid bacteria, fungi and Actinobacteria producing bacteriocins.