EMIKO® Bokashi Cernozëm

EMIKO® Bokashi Cernozëm is a slow-release fertilizer used to build up lasting and sustainable humus, made from natural raw materials and biochar, fermented with EM Effective Microorganisms. Many people using EM have been involved with the durable and very fertile black soil of the Amazon Indians (Terra  Preta)  for a long time. This special type of soil had been fermented a long time ago by the Indians, using organic materials, charcoal, and other naturally occurring microorganisms, and enabled enormous harvest from soils which were actually very poor. The know-how to produce this had been lost for a long time, but has been rediscovered and further developed in recent years. It became apparent that EM Effective  Microorganisms with their diverse characteristics make it possible to produce black soil which is of the same superior quality today. The many individual pores of the charcoal in this Bokashi are the ideal, preferred environment for EM Effective Microorganisms. The specific manufacturing process, particular formulation, and long fermenting time with EM Effective Microorganisms cause EMIKO® Bokashi to have very high levels of antioxidants which strengthen the plant.


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