EMIKO® GewässerSanierung

EM water additive – biological water improver

EMIKO® GewässerSanierung

for pond management and aquaculture provides a microbiological balance in the water ecosystem as a prerequisite for vital fish, a steady growth and a stable population. EMIKO® GewässerSanierung is an environmentally friendly, natural and sustainable solution for a stable ecosystem of water. Unfavorable conditions are mitigated with regular application.

EMIKO® GewässerSanierung contains selected, useful effective microorganisms in high concentrations.


  • Improvement of water quality     
  • supports phosphate degradation as the cause of green and blue     
  • Supporting positive waterbacteria     
  • Suppression of pathogenic microorganisms     
  • for a stable biotope and thus vital fish and other pond inhabitants     
  • Quick decomposition of organic and inorganic compounds     
  • Increased filter performance due to the effective removal of waste
  • Reduction of soil sediments and putrefaction     
  • The use of chemical water treatment agents can be dispensed

Suitable for organic aquaculture, tested by ABCERT AG.


Local Contact: EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft mbH