EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner

EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner can sustainably improve the stable climate. The EM Effective Microorganisms contained in the product change the stable milieu to make it more positive so that decomposing putrefactive processes – and therefore odors and ammonia gases – are kept at bay. The typically sour odor of ammonia, especially in closed horse stables, is ubiquitous. Ammonia gases from urine do not just bother our noses, however, they are also detrimental to our horses’ health. In connection with dampness, ammonia gas forms an alkaline solution on the stable floor which not only damages the lung tissue when it is inhaled, but also attacks skin and hoofs. For this reason, various diseases of the respiratory tract are among the most frequent reasons for vet visits. Even if the horse stable is mucked out regularly, tests have shown that the concentration of the gas remains a health hazard. The solution forming has an alkaline milieu which benefits the proliferation of putrefactive agents and has an altogether negative effect on the metabolism of the horse. Flies are associated with putrefaction; they populate the horse’s stable especially in the summer months, and become a nuisance for animals and people. The Effective Microorganisms contained in EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner feed on the harmful substances of animal excretions and destroy them. Thus flies and other pests are not attracted and stay away from the stable. The advantage of EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner compared to standard cleaners and disinfectants is that a balanced milieu of good microorganisms remain. Conventional products do kill germs, however, they also destroy positive microbes which counteract germs. By using EMIKO® HorseCare Stable Cleaner, you will be introducing a population of microorganisms into the stable that prevent odors, mildew, dust and mold spores, are gentle on the respiratory tract, skin and hoofs, and promote a healthy stable climate.


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