EMIKO® PetCare Coat Care

EMIKO® PetCare Coat Care is a product with a special selection of EM Effective Microorganisms for targeted and natural coat care for cats and dogs. Through regular use of EMIKO® PetCare Coat Care the skin becomes smooth, and your animal’s coat will be shiny and easy to groom. The skin is the largest organ and envelops the body, forming a barrier to the outside world, however, it does have a certain degree of permeability. The natural protective acid layer of the skin is typically covered with living microorganisms, protecting the organisms from pathogenic germs. EMIKO® PetCare Coat Care supports this natural protective function of the skin, because EM Effective Microorganisms® provide a positive milieu which deprives the damaging germs and molds of their breeding ground. The substances produced by the microorganisms, together with the extract of marigold, gently nurture skin and coat. Unpleasant coat odors disappear after only a short time. EMIKO® PetCare Coat Care can also be used without hesitation on sensitive skin areas, for example between the claws or in the area of the teats.


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