EMIKO® PetCare Sourroundings Spray

The climate in the animal’s environment is of vital influence to its well-being. Unpleasant odors are not only annoying for people, but also for the animal itself. EMIKO® PetCare Sourroundings Spray contains EM Effective Microorganisms which change the milieu in the area of the animal’s bed, its bowls, and the cat toilet for the better so that decomposing processes and odors can be neutralized.

The advantage of EMIKO® PetCare Sourroundings Spray compared to regular cleansers and disinfectants lies in the fact that a balanced milieu of good microorganisms remain. While regular products do kill germs, they also eradicate positive microbes, which work against disease-causing and odor-producing germs. EMIKO® PetCare Sourroundings Spray is free from synthetic scents and preservatives. Annoying odors are eliminated within a few minutes by purely natural ingredients.


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