EMIKO® KraftReiniger

EMIKO® KraftReiniger (Power Cleaner) is a citrus fresh cleanser for the whole household.
Made with the power of EM Effective Microorganisms and an extra high soap nuts content. Improved adhesion even on smooth surfaces.

Application areas: Can be used throughout the household. Floors, ovens, cooker hoods, pre-treatment of stains, etc. Do not use for cleaning oiled wooden floors.

How to use: Mix 10-100 ml per 10 L of lukewarm water. Spray on dirty surfaces, allow to work in, then wipe with a damp cloth. Repeat as needed. To control unpleasant odors in rooms, spray 50 ml mixed in 1 L lukewarm water.

Ingredients: Water, microorganisms, vinegar, alcohol, brine, soap nuts extract, lemongrass oil and citrus oil.


Local Contact: EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft mbH