EMIKO® BodenAktivator

EMIKO® BodenAktivator is a ready-to-use soil conditioner for agriculture, gardening and landscaping as well as special and permanent crops.

Together with existing soil organisms, the EM® contained in EMIKO® BodenAktivator converts existing or contemporaneously supplied organic material into plant-available nutrients. The rotten is supported without permitting rotting processes; existing nutrients are preserved and are supplemented with vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants by the metabolic activity of the EM®. So far determined nutrients are mobilized and available for planting. The fertilizer costs can be reduced through better nutrient availability.

Negative microorganisms are effectively suppressed, soil fungi such as mycorrhizae and beneficials such as earthworms are promoted. Valuable humus is built up, which improves the water and nutrient storage capacity of the soil and the physical soil structure. EMIKO® BodenAktivator supports germination, root formation, flowering, fruit growth and maturation of plants.

EMIKO® BodenAktivator ensures active soil life and high soil fertility, thus creating optimal conditions for all plants to develop vigorously and vigorously.

Suitable for organic agriculture, tested by ABCERT AG.


Local Contact: EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft mbH