EMIKO®Care Gesichtscreme Citrus

EMIKO®Care Gesichtscreme Citrus (Face Cream Citrus) is an intensively nourishing face cream with a sporty, fresh scent.

Aloe vera and olive oil moisturize the skin and are known for their anti-inflammatory effect. Shea butter soothes and relieves tension. EM・X Gold and enhances the care effect of the high-quality natural ingredients. EM Sea Salt Gold supplies the skin with valuable minerals. With EM・X ceramic balls for energising.

Suitable for all skin types as day and night care, for women and men.
Apply the cream to dry areas such as under the eyes or around the cheeks. If necessary, mix with the EMIKOCare Facial Milk Citrus and apply.

Vegan. Free from mineral oils, silicone oils and artificial colourings.



Local Contact: EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft mbH