MAPLE EM・1 AQUAMAGIC can be applied in Pond treatment, Water treatment and as Feed additive.

Reduction in Capital outlay: Reduction in chemical input, Better disease control, Feed cost reduction.

Increase in yield: Size and numbers.

Improvement in quality: Better shine, No earthy smell, Better shelf life.

Maple EM.1™ reduces the capital outlay drastically.
Use of Maple EM.1™ facilitates the culture of fish and prawns without chemicals.
It reduces the quanity of sludge produced.
It eliminates Ammonia, Methane and Hydrogen sulphide which are common in fish/prawn cultivation.
It helps to keep water clean and hence does not require repeated changing.
Maple EM.1™ helps in suppressing algal colonies from bodies of fish/prawns, thus giving better growth.
Fish and prawns produced are of higher quality and quantity.
Feed conversion ratio (FCR) improves
Mortality of fish and prawns can be reduced significantly.

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